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Our high performance secured hosting solutions range from web hosting to blazing-fast VPS hosting.
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Our most cost-effective hosting — suitable for small websites with moderate traffic.
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₹ 149.00 / per month
Get full root access and automated daily backups, on-demand snapshots. Best for managing multiple projects.
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₹ 439.00 / per month
Optimized for WordPress sites with pre-installed features, built-in security and daily backups.
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₹ 649.00 / per month
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Which web hosting plan is the most suitable for you?

Low cost.

Web or Shared Hosting is the most cost effective type of hosting. Since you’re sharing resources — like a public transport — you spend less but have fewer options and minimum control.

More power.

VPS Hosting dedicate resource of a web server’s capacity and processing to each customer. Like a taxi, your space (on the server) is yours.

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Fast, secure and reliable web hosting.

What is web hosting?

Websites are stored – or “hosted” – on a publicly-accessible computer called server. Some websites need an entire server to themselves. Others can share a server with 1000’s of other websites. The storage size, and the other features that come with it, make your web hosting plan.

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