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Website Security

Choose your website security plan.


₹ 469.00 / per month
For websites that want basic security with ongoing scanning, firewall and SSL.
WITH Unlimited Site Cleanups


₹ 1,549.00 / per month
Ideal for websites that want advanced security that includes secure backups.


₹ 2,319.00 / per month
Perfect for business and ecommerce sites of any size that want priority support and the fastest malware removal turnaround.
Website Security works seamlessly with all CMS platforms and custom sites.
Website Security

Host Sonu Website Security Features

Malware Scanning and Removal

Detect and eliminate malicious software that can harm your website and compromise your data.

Firewall Protection

Create a virtual barrier around your website to block unauthorized access and prevent cyber attacks before they even reach your site.

HTTPS Encryption with SSL

Secure your website with SSL certificate installation, encrypting data transmitted between your website and its visitors to ensure safe and secure communication.

Content Delivery Network

Help handle spikes in traffic and reduce server load, ensuring your website remains fast and responsive even during peak times.

Website Backup

Secure website backup to protect against ransomware, hardware corruption and human errors with Host Sonu reliable website backup solution.

Security Monitoring and Alerts

Continuous security monitoring and alerts to keep you informed about any suspicious activity or potential breaches.

Frequently asked questions

What makes Host Sonu Website Security so simple?

Host Sonu Website Security lets you set up your website’s security scanning frequency, install your SSL Certificate and monitor your site for malware and other online security threats — all from one dashboard.

How often does Website Security scan my website?

Depending on your plan, you can select from a 30-minute, 12-hour or once-a-day security monitoring and scan frequency. If we found any malware, you will be notified immediately.

Does Website Backup work with other web hosts?

Yes. Website Backup is platform agnostic & compatible with any web hosting provider.

Does Website Backup provide security?

Yes, it encrypts all files, folders and databases that are transferred and stored.

How does Website Backup 1-click restore work?

Want to restore your complete website, simply go to the Website Backup dashboard, find the website you want to restore and click on “restore”. You can also restore any single file or folder and select the directory you want to restore to.

Which databases are supported?

Our Website Backup supports MySQL.

What is an SSL certificate?

SSL Certificates are Secure Sockets Layer certificates that authenticate websites and allow them to switch from HTTP to HTTPS encryption, protecting the transfer of valuable data between visitors or website.

Why do I need an SSL certificate?

An SSL certificate on your site generates trust in your visitors and keeps their data secure, verifies ownership of your website, and prevents attackers from creating a false version of your site.

If I already installed an SSL Certificate on my site, do I still need Website Security?

Yes — while SSL certificate encrypts data being transmitted between your website and its users, it doesn’t protect your website from other vulnerabilities, such as malware, hackers, SQL injections or DDoS attacks. By utilizing both SSL certificate and Website Security, ensuring that all aspects of your website are protected.

What type of file transfer do you use?

We use FTP or SFTP depending on your web hosting. If your website is hosted with Host Sonu, we can automatically set up the FTP/SFTP connection for you.

More Security options.

Website Security

All-in-one solution: SSL certificate, malware scan and removal, firewall, & backup recovery.

₹ 469.00 / per month

DV SSL Certificate

Domain Validation SSL certificate that protects one website.

₹ 2,989.00 / per year


One certificate protects multiple domains. Save when you manage multiple SSLs (5 to 100 sites).

₹ 7,849.00 / per year

EV SSL Certificate

Ideal for ecommerce websites and industries that may require higher security.

₹ 9,209.00 / per year

Wildcard SSL Certificate

Secure unlimited subdomains under a single domain name.

₹ 19,259.00 / per year

Website Backup

Quick and easy disaster recovery, with daily backups and one-click restore.

₹ 219.00 / per month
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