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Reasons to buy SSL certificate

Protect Sensitive Information

An SSL certificate encrypts the data that is transmitted between a user’s browser and your website, making it more secure and protecting sensitive information such as login credentials, credit card details, and personal information from being intercepted by hackers.

Improve Trust and Credibility

Having an SSL certificate installed on your website shows visitors that you take their security seriously and can be trusted with their information. This can help build trust with your customers and improve your reputation online.

Boost SEO Ranking

Google has made HTTPS a ranking factor in its search algorithm, meaning that websites with SSL certificates are more likely to rank higher in search results. This can help improve your website’s visibility and drive more traffic to your site.

Compliance with Regulations & Standards

Many regulations and standards, such as PCI-DSS, HIPAA, HITECH, GDPR and more, require websites to have proper security measures in place to protect user data.

“Not Secure.” Not good.

Whenever visitor type a website URL or click a link to a website that doesn’t have an SSL cerificate, that website is immediately flagged as “Not Secure.” And that scares potential customers away.
Ensure a safe browsing experience for your website visitors.

Save the time and hassle and
Let us handle the setup for you.

1 site

₹ 2,389.00 / per year

5 sites

₹ 9,539.00 / per year

10 sites

₹ 15,499.00 / per year

25 Sites

₹ 29,799.00 / per year
*Service only applicable on one server and one SSL per site. An additional SSL Setup Service must be purchased for each additional site and/or server requiring installation. Requires websites hosted with a control panel.
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